Coolermaster V8 Cooler in Poseidon Case(will it fit?)

Hey guys! Ive just ordered the Coolermaster V8 CPU cooler and ive done some research on the dimensions ( 120x128x161.1 ) and it sounds like itl fit in my Poseidon ( not the 310 )...but ive looked at a few pictures of the V8 on certain motherboards,and it looks massive,I just want to know if anyone can tell me if it'l fit?

Thanks :D
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  1. The width of the Poseidon case is listed as 200mm (7.87 inches)

    The case width required for a motherboard with a 160mm tall cpu heatsink cooler is about 206mm (8.11 inches).

    There may be a little leeway depending on how much space is alloted for cable management behind the motherboard tray. However, I would not bank on it.
  2. and if my motherboard is a few centimeters smallers...will it fit :s ( not very well though)
  3. No. It is the width of the tower case from left to right when the case is in its' standard normal upright position. The problem is the space available between the motherboard and the side panel.

    The case you are looking at was introduced in 2006. It is an older model. New modern gaming cases are typically wider to accomodate 160mm tall tower style heatsinks.

    You have two options. Get a wider case or consider installing a low profile cpu heatsink:
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