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I'm going to build a new system with an I5 3570k, but I'm not sure which motherboard to chose.
I'm planning on (mild) OCing, and i figured out It's best to have a power phase design > 10+2, but I've found it very difficult to figure out a mobo's power phase design. Either I'm blind&stupid or most specs don't say a thing about it. So I'm looking for a Z77 with a powerphase design that works for OCing, but I don't need much other features, no sli or crossfire or anything, and I'm not very picky on the basic features. Preferably a low buget board.... any suggestions?
And also, is there a difference between a power phase design and a digital power phase design? or is it all the same?
p.s. I also posted this on the general motherboard forum, because I wasn't sure where this question belonged better...
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  1. As far as u need Asus P8Z77-V should be perfect.It has 8+4 digital power design.

    U might give a look to Asus P8Z77-V Pro.It has 12+4 digital power design.But for ur uses and OCing Asus P8Z77-V should be fine.

    If u are a technology freak then u are okay with Z77 otherwise u can grab a P8Z68-V Pro/GEN 3 which is compatible with Ivy Bridge and PCIe 3.0 GPUs after a bios update.This will help u cut ur costs down by a bit.

    I suggest Asus cuz they has been a pillar in mobo industry for years now.I niether sell them nor work with Asus.Don't think me to be a Salesman.

    Gigabyte can be a second option when xtremely tight on cash,but Asus will pair up better with i5-3570K.
  2. I just build a system with an Asus Z77 board, 16gb of DDR3 memory and an intel I5 3570K cpu, it's pretty sweet, UI bios is awesome, haven't tried overclocking yet but it's just one click away.
  3. 305090 very good question. Same is bugging me for a whale. And the portion that i am most interested no one answered.

    How to find out motherboards phase design?
  4. Google is your friend ;)
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