Can I use a 160 GB 2.5" laptop HDD as my main HDD for my new desktop?

I am building a new PC, and I would not have been able to use it for a month had it not been for a spare 160 GB laptop hard drive I had laying around. I was skeptic about it at first, but I thought after learning about 2.5" SSD's, a normal 2.5" would work with it too. So would I need to buy an adapter for this or would a SATA cable work on it?

Note: I don't want to use a USB adapter, I want to use it as my main HDD until I get my new HDD next month. Then it will become an external like it was before, with the enclosure I have.
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  1. If your laptop drive is a sata drive, you should have no problems, other than perhaps how to mount it. 2.5-3.5" adapters are available.
    I did this in a small form factor build. But, note that many laptop drives are 5400rpm which will be a bit slow on a desktop compared to 7200rpm drives.
  2. Actually you can get 2.5" drives as fast as 10K now, and a lot of manufacturers are moving to the smaller form factor to reach speeds as high as 15K (SAS).

    Having a 2.5" over a 3.5" actually has some advantages too; generally less power consumption, less heat generation, slightly faster spin up times compared to 3.5."

    Regardless it should work without a problem, just find the mounting brackets and you are good. I know OCZ makes brackets but I don't recall if they are just for SSD, which the ones I'm thinking of may be.,

    Our new IBM SAN (at our Oakland location) at work uses 24x 2.5" 10K SAS drives... blazing fast!
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