Newly Built PC problems

1) when I shake the computer slightly, the computer itself restarts. I believe this may be caused by the power outlet but I am not sure.

2) At start up, the I hear a single beep sound. I have read that this may be caused by the memory. I followed how to properly install the RAM on the motherboard to the letter. I tried installing just one RAM stick (I have 2, tried them both seperately) but I still get the noise.

3) I am using the cooler master elite 335 chassis and the Intel DP43TF motherboard. When I connect the front panel audio to the motherboard, and press on the I/O ports on the front panel, the computer restarts. I disconnect the front panel audio from the motherboard and I no longer get this problem, but as you know I cant use the front panel audio anymore.

4) Just wondering: I installed 4GB of RAM total, yet my OS (windows xp pro 32-bit) only recognizes 2.99GB. Is it because the OS cant handle this much ram?

The following is the list of components I am using in the build:

Intel DP43TF Motherboard
Cooler Master Elite 335 Chassis
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Cooler Master 550 W Power Plus (power supply)
Kingston Hyper X DDR2 RAM (2 stick, each 2GB)
ASUS EN9400GT graphics card

- This is my first attempt at building a PC and any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. 1) Did you seat the CPU and mobo power pins correctly? Is it firmly in place on the mobo?

    2) Read your motherboard manual, it will tell you what the BIOS beep signals mean. Generally one beep indicates a successful POST, but it varies based on the motherboard.

    3) Sounds like a wire got crossed in your case, see if CM will replace it or if you can RMA it. This may also explain the restart upon shaking problem.

    4) 32-bit operating systems can't see more than 3 GB of RAM. You will need to get windows 64-bit.

    I would definitely look at the front panel and make sure nothing obvious is pressing against or inhibiting any of the components in there. If everything looks ok at first glance, then contact NewEgg (or wherever you bought it from) and ask for an RMA, or contact CM and ask them to replace the case. It seems like just a faulty case to me.
  2. thank you very much. I will look into your suggestions and post my results.
  3. In regards to problem #1...

    I had a really weird problem with a recent build... if I just SLIGHTLY bumped my case the whole thing would freeze and I'd have to power off/on. One time just plugging in headphones to the front jacks triggered this. In every case it involved some sort of movement of the case. I felt that I had a short in my system... on Thanksgiving (at work!) I did a complete system tear down and found the culprit... the metal CPU backplate! I had it on upside down and it was like 1/10th of a millimeter away from touching something metal... I just rotated it 180 degrees (i.e. like it should have been all along) and my system can take a kicking and keep on ticking.

    I would consider rebuilding your system on a piece of cardboard (or any other non-conductive material of your choosing) Shorts are a real pita!
  4. Well I checked everything as best I could. The motherboard is seated just fine, nothing seems to be lose and regarding the beep codes .... eaither 1 beep means everything is running fine or it means its a "refresh error", which I dont know what that is.

    At first everything was working fine, I shook the case and the comp didnt restart. I plugged in the front panel audio to the motherboard and a headset to the front panel audio ports, once again the computer didnt restart.

    But just to make sure, I shook the case a few more times, and after a couple of shakes the computer began to restart again at the slightest tremor and pressing on the front panel audio ports would restart the computer once again.

    Perhaps I missed something, but now I dont know what else to do.
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