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I have a Kodak 5300 All in one printer. I am sharing this printer when it is connected to the desktop it will print. When I try to print from my Laptop I get an error message printer not responding. I can plug the USB cable into my Laptop and it will print. What do I need to do to correct this problem? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
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  1. Are you trying to print over a wireless network or bluetooth network? If I read it correctly that printer is a Bluetooth wireless printer not an 802.11g network printer. You will therefore be range limited to a few feet.

    The printer is truely wireless and not network.

    To use your laptop I believe you will need to ensure that bluetooth is fitted and enabled and the printer is associated, using the bluetooth management software, with the laptop.

    If however you do not have a bluetooth enabled laptop then you are limited to printing via the USB cable, or the desktop, or getting a wireless printer server.

    Before going down the wireless print server route you should find out if that is supportable on the 5300.
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