GPU and motherboard upgread....a little help plzz :)

I was using Intel 945GCNL with its built graphics card for a very long time.Now, i decided to upgrade my pc,

I decided to by radeon 5750.But, this gpu is PCI express 2 card.

So, my question is weather or not it will run with my old motherboard, cause it has PCI express 1.0?I think, if though it runs, i need to buy a new motherboard.Cause, I am gonna buy windows 7 and it says that it dont support old motherboard(like 945gcnl) it true?

i heard, bios upgrade can solve this motherboard in-compatibility it also true?

If i have to buy a motherboard(i dont want to do it, unless i have no other choice), then is there any economy solution?I would like to buy intel motherboard? Cause,I think intel processor goes good with intel motherboard.Is it correct?

My processor is Intel Core 2 Due 2.2 GHz , FSB 800 with 2MB L2 catch and with 2GB DDR2 ram of 400Hz.

Notice that, i dont want to change my ram or processor.At max, i might be able to change the ram.But, i dont want to do it either.

Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. If you don't want to change your CPU (I'd definitely replace everything on a new system), you should get an Intel P45 chipset based motherboard with the LGA775 Socket. (ASUS or Gigabyte are excellent choices).

    Good luck!
  2. What about Q43 and G43...,36523,34470,36521,36520,36518&familyID=10&culture=en-US

    according to the list only Q43 supports PCI express 2.0,others dont.

    But i have seen in the wiki page that including those 2, P45 also supports PCI express 2.0

    I find it a little confusing.Again i find another motherboard in NewEgg, of Q43 which dont have PCI express 2.0

    Intel's website dont have price tag with the product.This is very annoying.

    Actually, I want to have the scope for future upgrade.Most probably i will upgrade my processor and ram after a few months.

    So, can u re-direct me to some products which will give the opportunity for future upgrade of ram and processor.Upgraded processor might be quad core or i5.
  3. P45 supports PCI-E 2.0, that's nonsense. It is the best chipset you can get for LGA775. Q43 is older for an already old socket type...

    You either choose a Core 2 Quad or a i5 or the latest i7 system, they are not compatible. If you want a future proof system, forget about LGA 775 and go straight for the socket LGA 1366.

    The LGA 775 is in its end of service life, there are no new CPUs made for this socket. Intel has moved to socket type LGA 1156 and lately to the 1366, stick with the latest type if you intend to upgrade.
  4. Can my motherboard(intel 945gcnl) will be able to run pci express 2.0 graphics card?
  5. iamcreasy said:
    Can my motherboard(intel 945gcnl) will be able to run pci express 2.0 graphics card?

    Perhaps, but the rest of your system is not powerful enough to play any games. Forget about a new card, first thing you need to do, is to get rid of that motherboard and CPU.
  6. it is possible/safe over clocking my core 2 duo using 945gcnl motherboard, with its default cooling system?

    I heard, i need to have a good motherboard to over clock without any problem.

    Where i will find good instructions to over clock?

    But 4770 is PCI express 2.It will still run in my pci express 1 slot?

    I dont have enough money to buy a whole system right now.And if i spend 98$ buying 4770 i could have brought 5750 which costs only 109$, only 11usd more.

    Could u plz explain a little, what means by "it wont keep up with my processor".Is it, my system will become unstable or something like that...wont i be able to even use it right now.I wont upgread the system now.But i will within a few months.So, will it be a huge problem for several months!!

    Thanks!! :D

    Can u suggest me a good power supply of 500watt?
  7. I dont know exactly about the power of my PSU.It might be pretty low.I am gonna buy a new one anyway.I might over clock the process.

    Which manufacturer will be best for buying 5750/5770?I was thinking of HIS / SAPPHIRE / GIGABYTE.Do, you have particular idea?
    The price difference is not much between 5750 - 5770, so might go for the best one(5770) which is within my reach.I am gonna buy i5 within few months.

  8. I have seen lots of my friends buying gforce 8 series from xfx, and all of them(yes, all of them) were down within 1.5 year.(!, here the warranty was for 1 year)

    I dont know why.So, I particularly dont like XFX.

    Does xfx provides international warrenty?

    The thing i asked, if one manufacture is better then the other or they are all the same.

    Some people say, MSI sucks.Some are suggesting HIS.

    Do you have any particular information, about which one might feel better?

    and the power supply too....
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