Question about p55 paird with usb 3.0

im going to buy a new computer in about 3 days, however i just got a question before i get this mobo combo with core i5 750

this mobo from gigabyte

it has support for 3.0 usb and 6gb sata which im going to need in the future, but here is the thing, im using ati 5770.

now my question is, if i use single 5770 with usb 3.0 enabled does that effect the pci lan speed and cuts it down from 16x to 8x if i use single graphics card (in my situation 5770) or it only does that if i use dual cards?

thanks in advance.
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  1. I can't see why it would do that in the first place.
  2. because i read from different reviews saying, If USB 3.0 enabled then it will cut the PCI 16x to 8x, because usb 3.0 shares the bandwidth with the pci lanes in a p55 chipset, i could be wrong however, thats why i asked this question over here.
  3. Even if it does cut it down to 8x, you probably won't notice much difference. Tom's did an article last month testing 16x and 8x with HD 5870's and there was only a 4% difference. You might notice a bit more of a cut with a 5770, but I doubt it would horrible.

  4. o and i was worried about that, its only about 2-3 fps drop, not a big deal.

    thanks for the info traken, because i really want a mobo with esata and usb 3.0
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