Change Cpu or Overclock?

Hello Everyone,

As I already posted on another thread, I´m building a new (and my first) Pc, due to my desktop, a "prebuilt?" HP M8150 got some problems, probably with the GPU.

Until today I considered only to change CPU, Motherboard, GPU.

But in my budget I can only get either a i3 2120/2130, or a Phenom II X4 965, and another user told me I am better off with the i3.

My main use for the desktop is autocad, but I will also play Mass Effect, Dead Island, etc... if possible on high settings.

Can you tell me if it is advisable to instead buy a new LGA775 motherboard, and overclock the Q6600, or I´m better off with a new processor? ...and save a few euros!!.... My new Gpu will be a EVGA GTX 560 Ti

Or is it better just to get the new i3....?

Thanks In Advance!
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    No point in buying a new 775 motherboard.

    I would wait about 3-4 months until the Ivy Bridge i3's come out in the very least. I think they will offer better stock performance since you can't overclock them. Your CPU will be fine for Mass Effect, Dead Island, etc. I don't see any CPU intensive games on there.

    Also, downgrading from a quad core to a dual core is undesirable even if the performance/core is much higher. I would try to save up for an i5 if possible especially if you're going to use Autocad..
  2. Ok, Thanks for the advice, will do so and wait for the Ivy bridge I3´s.

    Checked the I5 Ivy bridge´s prices and the cheapest I5 (i5-3450)(€175) is a bit more as the best I3 (i3-3240)(€132), so I´ll probably go for one of the I3, maybe the 3240.

    Started using I7 laptop for Cad rendering, so I will only use desktop now as casual Cad, and gaming pc, so the I3 will do the job well, and save some euros.

    Thanks again for the reply.
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  4. I´m a bit new around here ... looked around where do I pick the best answer?

    Is it the green thumbs up? if so alredy did it.7

    Update: Already found it.
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