Startng a new gaming rig

Im starting a new gaming rig im trying to get the best for the cheapist. ( meaning im trying to see the lowist amount of money i can spend to build my 16 year old a pure gaming rig)

So my first question to the toms community is this

dual core or quad amd is the choice as everyone knows its the least exspencive
then mother board's :bounce: im trying to get atleast 60 frames raiding World of warcraft
but im trying to stay at the cheapist price available .
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  1. Are you asking for a CPU recommendation or AMD motherboard recommendation??

    CPU: Athlon II X3 440

    MOBO: Can you / will you use your current RAM, so you could look for an AM3/AM2+ motherboard.?
  2. yes im looking for recomondation on motherboard and cpu DD3 / amd cpu iv never ran intel and i know they cost more to build im trying to keep it light on my pockets while at the same time having great FPS in world of warcraft
  3. agree, athlon IIx3 440 and an am2+/am3 socket mobo(ddr2 and ddr3) each for 60-70 bucks at what about your graphics card? how much ram are you using? asking, because those are also big factors in achieving your goal. i play runes of magic and i do good to get 40fps in a raid on all high settings with an ati 5850 graphics card, 4gb 1600 ddr3 ram, intel i5-750 cpu on a p55 mobo
  4. Its also going to depend on the resolution of your monitor as well as the settings you want to use.
  5. resolution is 1440 x900 wide right now im using nvidia 8600gt but i am planning on getting a 1 gig atil 5650 HD or higher graphics and ram i have figured out 4 gig ddr3 and ati hd 5650 or better
  6. I kind of had the same question. Any specific am2+/am3 socket mobos you would reccommend?
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