Windows 7 SP1 x64 and ReadyBoost flash drive

*Posted the same question on Neowin as I am looking for a wide variety of opinions, you will see why*


I know I will get flamed about using ReadyBoost at all but let me just fishing saying, in the system I just built for my wife it make a WORLD of difference. Call it the Placebo effect whatever but I notice a huge difference in boot time and responsiveness.

Right now I am using this little rinky-dink $9.00 PNY slider drive that my wife bought because she thought it was pretty, well little ole' me has now gone through 4 of the "fastest" flash drives on the market, the Sandisk Cruiser, the OCZ Rally 2, the Corsair Voyager and another larger PNY. None of them rate more than half the speed of this little slider flash drive. I consistently get 30W and 20R on all programs I try to test it with. Other Tests show much higher result too but let's just stick with the R/W for now.

BTW, I also tried the Patriot XT Xtreme series but according to the manufacturer's it is not compatible with either Acronis products or Adobe, after hours and hours with tech support and 3 different drive we figured this out. The programs only work right if the drive is unplugged. Patriot is even going to their developers to see why this is.

SO are there any other drives to try or should I just stick with this one till it dies. I do plan to research the s**t out of this if the retailers don't stop me for returning stuff.... hehe

Any opinions?


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  1. Boy if you like readyboost, you would be shocked with an actual SSD drive.

    If that 9 dollar key is doing fine, why mess with perfection?
  2. check these read / write speeds out !

    Data Traveler HyperX 3.0 - when used in USB 3.0 port,

    Read = 225 MB/s
    Write = 135 MB/s

    it comes in 64GB, 128GB, & 256GB

    also works with USB 2.0, but speeds are only 30 MB/s Read & Write

    Downside ? - - - It's expensive. :o
  3. There are other USB drive similar to the Kingston HyperX 3.0 like the Patriot Supersonic Magnum and Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Extreme Duo USB 3.0 (SLC). But of course, if you are spending that much on a USB drive for ReadyBoost, you may as well get an SSD.
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