Can anyone point me in the right direction for documentation which tells me how set up 2 x 1.5 TB HDDs in RAID 1 configuration for a Foxconn P4M8907MA-KRS2H motherboard? Or is it easy enough for someone to tell me in a few short words how to do it?

Thanks, Peter.
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  1. You'll have to do it via the OS, but you didn't tell us what OS you're using.
  2. Thanks for your reply, Ghislain. I'm using Windows XP Home SP3 on a separate HDD to the ones I'm RAIDing. I'm wondering whether I'll need to reflash the BIOS because I can't see RAID controller in the Device Manager list under Computer Management. Any thoughts?

    Cheers, Peter.
  3. You can't see a Raid controller because your motherboard doesn't have one. You are using an inexpensive motherboard; therefore you can't expect features like a Raid controller.

    Unfortunately Windows XP doesn't support software Raid, but you can read as it might be of interest to you. Make sure that you have a good backup just in case you make an error.

    If you really want to setup a Raid1, you should probably buy an inexpensive Raid controller like this one (assuming that you can only use a PCI controller): I would definitely make sure that it can support 1.5TB disk drives.
  4. All sorted, now.

    Reflashed BIOS with latest firmware as a precaution but it probably wasn't necessary.

    Set BIOS to see SATA channels as a RAID setup.

    Downloaded RAID driver from Foxconn website - VIA VT 8237A chipset DOES support RAID 0, RAID 1 and JBOD.

    Used Foxconn utility (came with driver) to configure HDDs on SATA channels to RAID 1.

    Went to Disk Management (Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management Disk Management) and formatted volume (appears as 1 drive, not 2 because of RAID 1 configuration). Full 1.5 TB of storage visible (well, 1.36 "proper" TB).

    Job done :-).

  5. Glad to know that it works. When I checked the specs, nowhere did they mention RAID support.
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