LGA 775 push me baby!!

i have an lga 775 mboard from msi. model is G45m2 and the link is below:


which would be the most best processor for the same board for 8000 INR ( Approx 150 $~160 $ ) which is compatible with this board.

Also i hope i'm not asking this in this in the wrong section but i'm also buying an ati 5770 card . The exact make is as the link shows below:


Will my current motherboard support this card??

Current Specs:
MSI G45M2. Intel e4500 oced to 2.6 ghz, 3 gb ram, nvidia 8600 gt, 500W cooler master psu.
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  1. The link for the motherboard is wrong and is actually the one shown below:

  2. Hi, unfortunately, your board only seems to support the conroe c2d's.

    None of the CPUs listed offer enough performance increase to in my opinion warrant an upgrade. Your best bet would be to keep your current CPU and overclock it as much as possible or if you want to upgrade, you could go for an AM2+/AM3 setup - all depending on how much you want to spend.

    The 5770 you have listed is PCI-E 2.1, I've read that some people have had problems with 2.1 in 1.X mobos, but I'm not sure if those problems still persist. I'm sure someone here will be able to tell you.
  3. Yes your right out the mboard. I'll check up with others bout the gpu. thanks anyway
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