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Watercooling: does it help with heat in my room?

Hi all

in my room I have a large desk with 2 custom-built computers under my desk and I seat just in the middle of it and basically in summer the house AC isn't enough and I do a sauna. I know that I get to do a free sauna, but isn't what I am looking for now.

I was wondering if I change my 2 computer's air-cooling system with a water-based cooling system would I notice the difference in heat? Would my room still become as hot? Also, I have to mention that both of my PC have 8800GT videocards which probably cause lots of heat as well.

Otherwise I would need to get an AC machine and stick it under my desk.

Any suggestion on how to elimate or lower this high heat?

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    Sorry, it will not help.

    Water cooling exchanges the heat in the water to the room air, just like an air cooler does.

    To reduce the room temperature, you could build with more efficient parts.

    Or, install a room airconditioner that exchanges the heat of the room room air to the outside.

    Just sticking an AC machine under your desk will not work either. You need to vent the hot air to the outside.
  2. Check out 4Ryan6's subambient cooling sticky thread, you can cool the Pc's on a S.a. loop to rduce the heat they put into the room, but you still need to vent the room
  3. If you set up a water system with the radiators outside, that'll do it. Air cooling throws all of a part's heat into the air right next to it. All water does is move the heat to its radiator before throwing it into the air.
    Yeah, subambient would do it, but it would either be fantastically expensive or take a whole lot of work and maintenance on your part. A WC loop with outdoor radiators would be more feasible.
  4. To help your self you would have to go with a chiller system or a peltier based system.
  5. it would be cool to have another Jacuzzi type cooling idea but even a water cooling loop for both those rigs will be in the area of $600~800.

    Any suggestion on how to elimate or lower this high heat?
    with all due respect OP, you might want to get efficient parts to do what your doing.

    2x AMD 7770's for those two rigs you have or 6870's ? :/

    * peltiers...ahem you'd still need to get rid of the heat the Peltier and the hardware are dumping...
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  7. Awesome! Thanks for the good info everyone. Good to know that I don't need to spend money on cooling, instead upgrading my components to more modern/efficient parts will do the job.

    Sometimes I feel to put ICE blocks on top of my motherboards! But I am still meditating about it.
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