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I have 2 1TB samsung hdd's and about 2 months ago I turned my computer on and it was running really slow and freezing then loading it all at once, when I tried to access anything from my 2nd hdd (storage only) it took forever/freezing to open anything on it and shutting down took about 7 minutes. I then took out that hdd and when I turned my pc on it was all fine. I thought this drive was on it's way out and not used it since and people told me it sounds like my hdd so I agreed with them, until recently.

Today I plugged in a 5gb USB memory stick because my girlfriend wanted some stuff off my pc and it done the exact same thing with my pc, made it slow/freezing and unfreezing loading everything at once and taking forever to shut down. So now I'm thinking it's windows that is casing this problem or something else as this kinda rules out that my hdd was broken.

I have done chkdsk/virus scan/malware scan on both my hdd's and nothing came up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. try the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic software
  2. Just put it in my girlfriends pc and it is working perfect can copy/paste no problems at all.
  3. Check the SMART report for the drive. If it checks out I'd say the drive is fine.
  4. Ok I have been told what SMART is but not how to start it, can someone tell me how this is done please :P
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