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I decided I would build a new computer this summer and I decided to start with ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard. I was going to buy Audioengine 5 speakers (unless someone can recommend a better set of desktop speakers) but I was wondering about the onboard Realtek ALC889 sound card. Is it worth it to invest in a dedicated sound card or will the ALC889 be sufficient? I really don't know much about sound cards and the lot.

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  1. I've always used a soundcard and notice a big difference.
    My new builds both included the ALC889 and i thought it was good as far as onboard goes.
    Not good enough though i re-used an Audigy 2-ZS on one and bought an Auzentech Forte for my main rig.
    Night and day difference imo.
    Btw i prefer 2 or 2.1 set-ups for music last time i checked that's how it's still recorded.
    So from your speaker reference you're of the same ilk.
    You'll get lots of different opinions concerning this by so-called audiophiles.
    I consider myself an audiophile and that means to me someone that has a decent
    home system consisting of two speakers, amp,. pre-amp and a turntable that cost more then $600.
    The Forte is really nice and my AKG's sound good , but there is better like Asus Xonar STX line too pricey for my purposes though.
    I still do my majority of listening on my home hi-fi.
  2. Wow thanks, so where/how would I start researching cards? I'm a college student so I wanted something high end that was somewhat affordable and fairly portable so the Audioengine 5's looked in my price range and exactly what I wanted.
    I also do a lot of gaming, are certain cards better geared for gaming or music?
  3. Hi again!
    The companies that make good audio cards are Asus,Auzentech,Creative,and Omega.
    I always used Creative until their drivers started to become a pita to install.
    With my new rig i decided to explore other options and chose Auzentech because of the price and features.
    When the Forte was released in 2009 it was a$160 card you can get it for $100 now.I believe it's being replaced by the Bravura .The Auzentechs are nice because they include Creative features on a higher quality platform.
    Creative lost a step and only released one product in 2009 the X-FI Titanium.
    For $10-20 more the Forte has the features and chipset plus more then that card as well as matching and bettering Creative's Flagship card which cost much more.
    Creative is launching 2 new cards and they feature everything the Auzentech's have.I'll bet everything but price.
    The Asus Xonar Stx line is the next equivilant line but they cost alot.
    The Omega Claro line is the next match-up but they are so new i didn't want to gamble on support plus they cost more.
    For me the Auzentech's i mentioned offer great quality and value compared to the competition.
    I think you'll see by searching NCIX the price differences and value Auzentech offers compared to its competitors.
    For research Google is your evil friend!
  4. That was the type of reply I was looking for. I completely agree with your "qualifying" statements. Wish you wouldn't have told me that though ;) . If you do happen to get this reply, do you have a card you would recommend? I was looking at (this is the year 2016) a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy SE PCI Sound Card ($25), Sound Blaster Audigy FX PCIe 5.1 ($34) or Sound Blaster Z 5.1 ($100). I was considering upgrading from the on-board Realtek on a GigaByte GA-X58A-UD3R with Klipsch A2-400 (recently replaced drivers and power supply (?) capacitor). The on-board says it's HD audio, and it is absolutely adequate, but being in the same boat as you, I was wondering if the Klipschs would get a bit more out of them. Thanks
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