Need help with the HD 5770. Please help me!

Hello all

On a recent post here we all came to the conclusion th HD5770 would be a good card for me. I finally baught it and put it in my Pc today. Everything lined up and plugged in fine. However the PC is not using the graphics card. It is instead reverting to the Onboard card. I have two screens, one in the graphics card (through a dvi-vga) connector that came with the card, and the other is in the onboard card. I did not start like this, I have tried just the screen in the graphics card on its own in both slots. However I only get a picture when I put a screen in the motherboard vga slot. I have checked my BIOS as someone suggested, it is set up to PCI Express as the auto, so i dont understand. The Device Manager is saying Unkown Device, so it recognises that something is there. I tried installing the drivers from the disc and that did not help the PC recognise the card. I have ran out of ideas as I have a limited knowledge. The power is connected up, the fan is spinning and the Device Manager knows there is something there. I am completely out of ideas!! Please Help.


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  1. It sounds like you're looking in the wrong place in the BIOS, and the onboard graphics are still enabled. There's usually a separate setting that will say something like "onboard video: Enabled," although it's impossible to know exactly where it will be without knowing the make and model of your motherboard. The setting you're looking at sounds like it could be something else.

    What motherboard do you have? If you post the specs, someone may be kind enough to look at the documentation and point you to the right place.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I have a Conroe 1333- D667.


  3. It looks like right below the setting that says "Primary Graphics Adapter" (the one you set to PCIe), there's another setting that says "Internal Graphics Mode Select." What is that set to?

    It should be set to "Disabled" if it will let you -- otherwise, it looks like if it's set to "Auto", the board is supposed to ignore the onboard video IF a PCIe card has been installed. Since it's apparently not recognizing yours, that could be causing the problem.

    One thing you might try is going to the ATI site and downloading the latest drivers -- the ones on the disc will sometimes be a little out of date. See if you can install those and get it to work. That failing, you may go to the ASrock site and download the latest BIOS update for your motherboard and see if that gets it to recognize.

    If neither of those work, your motherboard may just need a little "kick in the butt" to make it look for new components ... I have had systems where simply reseating the video card did the trick, even one where removing the card, doing a CMOS clear, then reinserting the card got it to recognize. But I would leave those until last and see if you can't get it to work with the updated drivers of one kind or another first.
  4. The only Options on Internal Graphics Mode Select are auto, 1mb or 8 mb. There is not disabled Option. I have updated the drivers, to no avail. I also performed a cmos clear and nothing happened. Some people say it may be my rather old 450W PSU.
  5. Conroe 133-d667.
  6. bro im having a prob getting my lcd tv to just get a signal out of the hd 5770, im finaly back on my old one , waiting on suggestions to try to see if it works. =(
  7. I'm having the same problem with an Asrock Conroe1333-D667 rev 2.0 mobo, my PSU is a NOX Urano 500w. I've tried switching the cables, using vga, hdmi-to-dvi , flashing the bios, etc and nothing... There seem's to be an incompatibility with some asrock boards and other older boards. I'm going to replace my mobo with a Gigabyte EP31 DS3L and hope it works.
    A lot of people are adressing this issue as well
  8. I have an ASROCK ConRoe 1333 DVI/H and am trying to use an ASUS 5670 card with no luck either.
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