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I currently have the original Thermaltake Armor Case and I'm looking to get something that isnt as big, bulky and heavy as this beast is. I'm looking to upgrade my old AMD X2 system to a newer Phenom II. I dont do any OC'ing but I do plan on water cooling the system at a later date, I am also planning on using an ATi 5xxx series card so I'll need room for the longer vid cards. Price wise I'd like to keep it under $180 if possible. I'm mainly looking at Mid-Towers, something that's roomy inside with good cable management and cooling until I get my water cooling installed. Thanks
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  1. Check out the CoolerMaster cases.
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  3. +1 johnnylucky's link.

    i have a dragonlord k62, and love it. sleek and stylish, excellent cooling, easy to put together. about all you can ask of a case.
  4. I like that Dragonlord K62 case, dont care much for the red version but I like the black one with the blue led fan. Looks to have what I'm looking for in a case, I'll just have to get some ext or Y spliters for the fan connectors as from what I've read the wires are a lil short. But atleast it doesnt weigh as much as my current case which is 16.2kg empty and roughly 25.5kg loaded.
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  6. i dont think the fan wires are a problem, if you switch the orientation of the fans they extend pretty far in whatever direction you want.

    depends on where you want to plug them i guess, but i wouldn't buy extenders until you've had a look.
  7. True Welshmousepk, very true. extender's arent very expensive and I think I have a few laying around here somewhere anyway. And I wont be using the fans for very long anyway as I plan on water cooling the system after a few months.
  8. fair enough.

    you will still want a few fans in there, even with watercoloring. you don't want your other components getting to hot (NB,SB, HDDs etc)

    let me know how the watercooling goes, as i am looking into it myself. i'd be very interested to see how you do it with that case (where to put a rad/pump etc)
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