9800 GX2 crashing/locking system, Windows 7 fails to boot afterwards

My games are completely crashing/locking up due to a driver issue, and I'm forced to re-boot into safe mode and re-install the video drivers. Then, when booting back into Windows, games crash in under 5 minutes, and the whole process repeats. I've tried ancient drivers, all the way up to beta drivers, and the system still freezes.

I've had this same problem before, and I've done gone through two cards through the EVGA RMA program, and they told me the last card I sent in passed their performance tests. I know heat isn't an issue, and my power supply is more than capable of powering my card. Any other suggestions? The card works fine in my brother's system, and I can't figured out why it keeps failing to operate in mine. I'm about to just sell it and cut my losses.


C2D E6600 @ 2.4GHz
EVGA 9800 GX2 (stock speeds)
Corsair 750TX
2GB Corsair XMS2
X-Fi Titanium

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  1. Weird. I just posted a problem just like the one you're having.

    Did it work before and just started having problems? Mine's been working fine since April 2008 and this past Sunday, it just started freezing in-game. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

  2. I'm able to run TF2 no problems - I disabled multi-GPU in the control panel, as well as enabling single display performance. According to EVGA precision, temps never went above 65, so that's certainly not the issue.

    Also, I tried L4D2, and the game itself crashed but my computer didn't freeze. It's beginning to look like an issue with the dual GPU.
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