SD card write protection problem

Hi there.

There seems to be a problem with my Kingston SD card from my digital camera. It worked fine till a few days ago when it was inserted in the laptop card reader. Ever since, nothing can be added on or deleted from the card. The files can be copied on the computer, but they can't be deleted, nor can I take other pictures with the camera.

I tried pretty much everything so far. The little 'lock' switch is not locked, and just in case, I tried to use it in both positions, and the outcome is the same. I tried low format tools, nothing works. I tried scanning the sd card with two antivirus software, kaspersky and avira, they both find around 5 problems on the card, one of them being the autorun file, but when I try to fix the threats, it obviously won't work, because the 'disk is write protected'. I tried formatting on the camera, but it won't work. I tried pretty much every solution I could find on the internet, but I couldn't fix anything.

Now, I suppose this whole thing happens because the card got a virus from the laptop, right? Then it would make sense, cause the card is write protected cause of the virus, and I can't delete the virus cause of the write protection. Then how do I get rid of this?

Or, if it's not the virus, anyone has any idea what can I do? I'm really stuck on this one. Thanks~~ I'd be grateful if some genius mind could help me on this one ^.^
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  1. Thanks for help, but I've tried all the things listed there, checked all the links, and nothing worked. Is there any chance for this card to be fixed? Or do I just have to give up and buy another one?
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