Water cooling in a gamma? need WC help

hey i was wondering if you think water cooling in a cheat little nxzt gamma would work this just a idea. it could fit a240rad on top so theres a start. i'm thinking of this case because its cheap 40$ usd on newegg right now, and it is build good for the price, if i F*** a mod you can buy another one. i know i could just put a h70 in and be done but im thinking of custom cpu and maybe even gpx card,i could do sum modding. by putting a res in so of the drive bays. m a noob at water cooling

Gamma case 40$
i5 2500k 220$
HD6850 150$
8gb ram 1600 50$
corsair tx750w 110$
extra case fans 10$
thats 700$ win7 is 100

so what would good watercooling for 200$ be? this is just a idea i'm thinking outside the box.
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  1. Change your budgets.

    Watercooling budget down to $150

    Get a case for $90

    Grab an XSPC Rasa RX or RS360 kit.
  2. the gamma is what makes it unique and i havnt seen any vids on the web w 1 WCd :D
  3. for $200, the option muffin mate routed is the best you can get. However, for a lil more, you can look at the corsair vengence cases.

    hehehe, unique huh, ofc we can live with that. But that just leaves you with a reduced WC'ing budget than before and you can get yourself some better case fans - maybe a window mod :D
  4. i could prob move to 1200$ i just won't be able to buy it as quick. and it realistcally only has room for a 240 on top or on the side but idc how it would look or if the side pannel could hold it. if i need a res i was thinking thati could put in 1 of the 5in bays. im only really wanting to do a cpu solution and i thinking i could mod a window were the side fans are. its a big case can fit a 212+
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    save yourself the H100's funds and get an XSPC rasa RX360 kit just under 200.
  6. I WANT TO USE THE GAMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. awesome.thanks i don't like the drive bay ones i think i need a 240mm on to and i want to cut a window om the side to see in. i'llbe ordering the case. soon, would this res work& rad work?

    i was thinking i could mod the drive bays leaving 2 3.5 in the bottom and 1 5.25 in the top. do you think that would work? im only doing cpu
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  9. so how are you moving along the build?
  10. i think i'll be doing it this summer, experamenting trying to balance gaming pc, baseball and a gf
  11. i meant what direction are you going with the rads+stuff?
  12. o lol getting the bundle someone said
  13. okay but be sure your getting the right thing :) and the rad mounting? where have you decided on placing it? externally would be a good idea as it can draw fresh/cool air from the surroundings as opposed to drawing warm air from within case.
  14. it takes up two 5in drive bays and im puting a 240mm rad on top, a 120mm intake in front and using the rear 120 and maybe the other side panel mount as a out take with the psu as a intake.
  15. psu fans always exhaust. where's the 120 coming from? are you ordering another rad apart from the kits rad? well you know you could just move onto a RX360 rasa kit and be done with all that tube routing PITA you'll encounter when filling,priming+bleeding your loop.
  16. 120mm fans. ok i didnt realise that psu is outtakecause im dumb, im still brainstorming but i know im getting a rad bundle, im thinking of getting rid of the 6850 as im not a big gamer then i could get bigger better case, such as a raven rv03 full tower, or a HAF 932 i like the rv03 i could do a 480rad or 2 240rads i don't know im still in planning stage.

    i like this setup as maybe a 100% final idea that icould slowly work on
  17. well, if you tend to look at youtube videos to help you decide what should go for...[:lutfij:2] , mate think again - you'll be better off going into newegg and browse through their guided search. One where you can gauge a case via budget.

    upto you really, were here to help you learn how to steer a car in the right direction, not drive the car for you :) capiche?
  18. no just ideas ilike the way it looks i don't use them for help as im here asking, i just like looking at what other people have done. yea thanks for the help i appreciate it
  19. :)

    google some more and try to bounce some ideas off of yourself and maybe some parts will help you judge on your setup.
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