My first time building system.

ill be using my desktop for watching videos/movies, moderate games, and school related stuff.

I tried to keep the price as low as possible. the total cost of this is around $1600 CAD.


Processor: Intel i7-860.


power supply:



hard drive:

OS: windows 7 64b.

As this bieng my first time building a system, any tips and advice would be appreciated. Are there any problems with my selections?
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  1. Drop the i7 and get a 5770 instead of a 5750. An i5 is plenty for your intentions and the extra power from a 5770 will make gaming nicer, even if its just moderate. The only thing the i5 doesn't have on an i7 is the hyper threading. Which isn't even a concern in your case.

    You don't need an i7 for normal, everyday usage. Save cash with an i5 or put that money into more graphics power. You may want to look into a Samsung F3 1TB HDD. For the same price as your selected HDD you will have a faster HDD.

    Other than that nice build [:bohleyk:1]
  2. For the most part, I agree with BohleyK. However, the 5750 vs. 5770 really depends on the resolution you're using. Still recommend that you get the 5770, unless you're gaming at a really low resolution with no plans to upgrade the monitor.

    Highly recommend the Spinpoint F3. It's a lot faster than the WD.
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