Computer won't post after cpu upgrade

I bought a used MSI PM8M-V ver 2.A motherboard with a P4 1.8 256k/400MHz processor.I have another computer that kept "blue screening" so I borrowed some part from it. corsair memory CMX512 3200C2PT, BFG Geforce FX 5900 ultra,I think the PSU is a Vorsicht 450 watt,seagate IDE 80g HD LG DVD-ROM.everything is fine, but when I upgraded to a P4 2.8GHz 1m/800MHz I can't get it to post. I even try a P4 2.8 512m/533MHz processor and still nothing.the manual says it can handle this precessor. but when I switch back to the 1.8 processor everything is fine. Do I need a new PSU? I've tried almost all the ideas on this board and don't want to spend $$$ on PSU if it's not the problem. Thanks
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  1. Using your old 1.8 ghz cpu try downloading the latest BIOS update - it may be that it has never been updated.
  2. did that, three times,ones in dos mode
  3. if you've already flashed the bios to the newest then stop doing it, one bad flash and your board is trash

    are you reseting the bios between cpu swaps? are you SURE the other processers are good?
  4. sometimes I do and sometimes I don' I'll start do doing it.I know ones good,I've had it for years and was runnig when I turned off the computer to use the parts.I also called MSI and they gave me a beta/updated bios that's not on the web,but that didn't work, so I'll call them back tomorrow
  5. I deceided to try it again and for some odd reason it worked,the computer booted up, but it's registering as 2.3GHz @ 166FSB and it's a 2.8GHz @200 FSB.may try and reset CMOS. Thanks for all your help
  6. well back to sqare one, turned it off and still get the same thing (not posting) order a new psu and reinstalling windows to see if that helps
  7. wait did you say you have a 450 w power supply? may not be enough power...Is the 12 v rail 18 amps or higher as required by your card...
    How is your ram 90 percent of bsod are caused by faulty ram....
    Test each ram stick individually to tell if they are faulty...
  8. yea 450 W PSU upgraded to a 600 but won't be here until Thursday, 12v rail is 18amps. tested ram with memtest86+ pass.for some odd reason when I tested the other stick it failed on test #7, I switched back to other ram and put the other CPU (2.8) in and that's when it worked but only registered as a 2.3GHz so I shut down to restart and it never came back on.tested the same stick agian and it passed
  9. wait till you get the better power supply and test again.. i think you have either a bad ram stick or a bad dimm slot...
  10. well got the new PSU and still nothing, so I thing I'll send it to
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