Overclocking amd 965

I have an asrock990FX Extreme 4 mb.
8gb corsair vengeance
geforce 550 ti
Anyone have suggestions on overclocking the cpu, fully using the gpu and ram speeds?
Using asrock eXtreme Tuner
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    Here is some instructions on overclocking the Phenom II x4 965

    For overclocking there's two ways you can do it, since your new I will explain the multiplier overclocking mode.

    Multiplier overclocking mode is used to change the multiplier (or the number which is multiplied by the FSB ( in AMD's case the name for FSB is HT) to increase clock speed without the overclocking of any other hardware pieces.

    Most HT speeds on AMD motherboards are set to 200.00 mhz~. Your processor if I am not mistaken is a 3.4 ghz black edition processor, meaning the multipliers have been unlocked for easier overclocking. So most likely your multiplier is currently set at 17x multiplier (17x200 mhz= 3.4 ghz)

    Now obviously to get more juice out of a electrical device you need to feed it more electricity, you do this by providing higher voltages.


    Numbers= Steps, Letters=Options or situations, Number+Letter= options for a step.
    The process of multiplier overclocking:
    1. Enter your Bios, and look for "advanced" or "performance" tabs. You may need to dig around since it changes from bios to bios, motherboard to motherboard.
    2. Once you find it, look now for "CPU Multipliers" in one of the sub menus.
    3. Once you find it, now look for "CPU Voltage", you may need to do some research because most bios display many voltages for the CPU, look for the CPU voltage (confirm it online using google).
    4. Raise the Mutliplier by 2x more, putting you at 19x200mhz=3.8 ghz...
    5. Raise the voltage by .05volts.
    6. Boot your system and use Prime95 (google it) and run torture test. Also try obtaining a CPU temperature monitor for Windows (AMD Overdrive will do it for temps). Make sure temperatures do not reach over 60c under full load.

    Now there's two things that can happen here:
    A. You ran Prime95, and it stayed below 60c under full load for atleast 15 mintues without crashing.
    B. You ran Prime95, and it stayed above 60c under full load OR it crashed.
    C. Your PC won't boot up, please refer to your Manual for the motherboard to "Reset jumpers".
    D. I reset the jumpers but it doesn't boot still, contact your manufacturers for warranty and cross your fingers because you did something wrong (dont tell them that oc ).

    8. If you got option A, then you can raise the multiplier by 1x more, and redo step 5-6 and if you go back to A after raising the multiplier for the 2nd time, then go ahead and go on redoing the steps until your reach the speed you want.

    9. If you got option B while your CPU runs well under 60c under full load, then you can either:
    9a. Raise the voltage by .05 until Prime95 runs stable for at least 15 minutes. Remember not to go above 1.5v!!

    Follow the steps above, once your happy with the clock or atleast limited by temperatures or voltages or anxiety then please run a MINIMUM OF 3 HOURS OF PRIME95 TORTURE TEST FOR FULL SYSTEM STABILITY. I recommend 8 hours and will not deem any configuration stable unless it can run for 8 hrs.. MAKE SURE TO MONITOR YOUR TEMPERATURES CONSTANTLY DURING THE TEST. If your computer remains ON/ COOL for 8 hours of Prime95, then you got a stable system. If your computer crashes or boots, redo the steps for increasing voltage until you hit 1.5v, in which case it's best if you go down a notch.
  2. thank you for your comprehensive insight. Answers like that make sites like these worth visiting
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