Accessing Partitions

I need to know how to access the partitions to see what is there. Then after I do that I want to know how to delete them to free up space if they are not needed. Someone help me please
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  1. What operating system are you using? Most likely, you are using some flavor of Windows and you can probably see all partitions now via you Disk Manager (in Control Panel, under Administrative Tools). If not and the partitiion is recognized by Windows, you can access there.

    Now, once you recognize a partition, you simply use your file manager/explorer to see what is what.

    Be careful that you don't delete Windows system files in the process. Good luck!!!
  2. oh and I am using widows 7
  3. Thank you I will try that and see how things work out
  4. Select Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management to get to your disk manager. There you will see all of the partitions recognized by Windows.

    Word of caution, if you aren't sure what something is, leave it alone. Good luck!!!
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