KT400 Dragon Ultra Black BIOS - Battery problem

I'm running a KT400 Dragon Ultra Black Edition. It's "new" to me. Bought it to replace a murdered SY-K7V. Actually, it was more like Moboslaughter, because it was an accident - I swear. A screwdriver slipped while replacing a CPU fan and I cracked it, causing a short. Managed to find this KT400 new from a guy on Amazon. Worked out beautifully. Same chipset, etc. Windows didn't even hiccup when I fired it up. Okay, enough rambling - on to the story/question...

Has anyone ever had an issue with batteries literally being sucked dry every few weeks on this model? After any power outage, intentional or otherwise, I have to re-update all my BIOS settings all over again, As long as there's power to the unit, all is well. The first time it happened, I just figured I needed a new battery - installed one, configured and off we went. A few weeks later, after a brief neighborhood power outage, same deal. All of a sudden, it's Jan 1, 2002 and the default CMOS settings are back.

NOTE: I'm only running BIOS version K7VX4-2AA4 - shame on me. I didn't install this Mobo until after our pals at Soyo declared bankruptcy. to tell the truth I don't trust most anyone out there anymore advertising free downloads, even DriverGuide, who I used to rely on for everything. So in addition to looking for a solution to the issue, I wouldn't mind finding a reliable source for driver and BIOS upgrades.

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  1. I may be wrong, but it looks like the motherboard either is defective or it's almost shorted out to the case and that causes battery drain. Finding drivers shouldn't be too difficult, but BIOS updates will be a problem.
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