New CPU for motherboard.

According to CPU-Z I have an PCChips a15g It says v2.0. So it should be this one, although I am not sure since the v1 and v2 looks exactly the same.

Anyway, I'm using a dual core and wanted to upgrade to a quad, but the quad core says 125w so I'm not sure if it's compatible with my MB.

Is there any way to be 100% sure that I have the v1 or v2, and will the CPU work fine if I buy it?
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  1. if its telling you 2.0 it probably is... it has no reason lying to you ;)

    but check this page out

    about the quad core, your MOBO should be compatible since it's AM2+
  2. What about the wattage, that will not be a problem right?
  3. wattage would not be an issue with the mother board, your power supply would handle the wattage

    whether it will be able to handle 125w CPU and the rest of the PC components would depend on how much power your PSU outputs.. 300w, 500w, 700w etc.

    i wouldnt think this would be an issue though
  4. Thanks for the replies so far.
    I opened up my box to make sure which MB I have, and despite CPU-Z telling me I had the v2.0, the writing on the board itself says 1.0, But next to the CPU pin connector it does say AM2+ which means that the CPU will work without a hitch right?
    My PSU is a 750W, so it should be fine then.
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  6. richdrizzy said:

    I was under the impression that phenom II would work in any motherboard that a Phenom would. Since it says socket am2+ and even the v1 has phenom quads listed as supported I think I'll take the chance and order it next week. If it fails I'll leave the cpu to sit in its box until I can afford a new motherboard. Thanks for your help Richdrizzy
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