How do I show a profiled subject like Re every time I compose a new Email
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  1. Depends on the e-mail client and/or software you are using to generate emails.

    It's been my experience that the only time someone wants RE in the subject of a non-RE'd email is to fool spam detection and readers. Perchance do you have a valid reason for wanting it?
  2. I am using outlook express 6. It is not my intention to fool spam detection and readers. I email my wife quite a bit and her computer at work has Re: in the subject field. I'm not exactly sure how spam and having something in the subject field work together. (I'm not a computer wiz) The only valid reason I can give is my computer was set up that way to begin with and for some reason its not there anymore. Also, I like to know how to put in surtten words like love you or something like that. Some peaple have the option to put a prefilled text at the end of there text message from there cell phone. Plus it is a learning opportunity for me. I think it was a default setting but my default button is not working. Thanks again for your help
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