How will a GTX 295 run on my system?

System Specs:

Intel i5 750 (@2.66ghz)

Motherboard: Gigabyte P55-UD3

RAM: 2x2GB 1600mhz DDR3 (x86 so only 3.5gb useable D: )

In the process of upgrading my generic 850w power supply to a 1100w silent pro.

Just wondering if I can get what I pay for with this card?
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    You should have no bottlenecking issues, maybe a light overclock would help, but you should be fine. As for the power supply, all you need is a good quality 750w, and I mean GOOD QUALITY. Even an average 1100w is not recommended. Get one of these:

    Also why the GTX 295? The 5870 is basically just as fast, has DX11, and is a single card system so won't be an issue in the future (SLI/cfx tends to be problematic). Oh its also a lot cheaper... Hell for a bit more you could get a 5970, which destroys a GTX 295.
  2. Wow thats alot of useful information :D

    I never really looked at Radeon cards..Except the 5970 which is a little out of my price range for now.
  3. yes AMW1011 is totally right on the PSU and the graphics card ;)

    You should go with his advice!
  4. Well that would be good for me anyway since I don't plan to EVER use SLI
  5. The gtx295 is an sli card. Its basically two 275gtx gpus on one card.
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