A220n power supply dimensions

I have a HP a220n and i wanted to upgrade my power supply to support my new video card(I don't know if it helps but its a Radeon HD 2400 with 512 mb ,AGP slot) and i need to know the demensions to get the right power supply and i already looked on the hp website and i couldnt find it.Plese Help!!

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  1. Alright, well my friend has a similar problem, If the case is one of those smaller cases HP tends to use, i fit a 450watt power supply into my old case, and it was an old HP, it was a tight squeeze, but i mean the 2400 isnt going to need more than 350, I mean i ran my 9800 on a 450, so, i think it would fit, Looking at it, it might I have a few links below at some power supplies.


    I would go for the Antec, im pretty sure these would fit your case, and lastly, theres this :P

    If none of those are working well than ill look for some more to help you :)

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