OCing a 3770k on an asrock z77 extreme4

Hey Tom's,

I am relatively new to OCing. I have done my research and I feel that I should have a good grasp on whats going on here.
I have tried to OC using the intel extreme tuning util, and from the bios, and with both i have problems.

1. CPU OC: The system will not do anything with a multiplier >44. This is, again, tested using both the IETU and with the bios. A multiplier of 46 blue screens the system and a multiplier of 45 sends me into an infinite boot up: system boots, windows loads, just before startup system restarts. I think that the IETU only adjusts turbo boost, but moving the multiplier >44 has the same effect. I have also tried using the fixed voltage. Anything less than or greater to 1.1v will send the system into the same infinite boot.

2. RAM OC: My ram is rated for 11-11-11-28 at 2133mhz. I know that at stock, the computer will not use it at 2133mhz, but after adjusting it to 2133mg in the bios, it seems that the system uses it at 800mhz.

Am I doing something wrong? I can post some pictures later, but I am at work right now.


EDIT: My sig didn't post:
CPU: i7-3770k | Cooler: Phanteks ph-tc14pe (Red) (3rd Fan) | MoBo: AsRock Z77 Extreme4 Gen3 | RAM: 4x4gb G.Skill Ripjaws Z | GPU: Sapphire HD7970 OC Edition | Case: CM HAF 922 (Blacked out) | PSU: XFX XXX 850w
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