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Hi everyone !

I wanted to know something related to sharing and security using a network on windows xp in a local organization. Actually i am working as an intern there and my boss wants to setup a high level security on the shared files on network. Currently they have 7 pcs and simple sharing enabled with anyone allowed to delete/change files. He wants to put a restriction based on the users. Such as he doesn't wants the accounts folder to be visible to everyone and wants a different password for each and shared folder. I hope you understand what i am trying to tell..
Any opinions will be appreciated. Please exclude any mistakes :sarcastic:
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  1. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304040

    This explains things a bit also http://windowsdevcenter.com/pub/a/windows/2006/08/08/windows-xp-file-sharing-mysteries-part-1.html

    Doing this without a domain model with network accounts is a pain.

    You need to setup a group on the computer with the files being shared, then add the local user accounts on the other computers to that group. Format is PCNAME\USERNAME

    That will restrict access to those users.
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