Windows vista wont start after cpu and motherboard installed

Hello,i installed a dell motherboard and amd athlon 64x2 4600 cpu in my Dell Dimension e 521 desktop.I start it and Dell logo comes up and then it gives me a diskette drive 0 seek failure then 2 options f1 or f2 , i tried setting it up as best i can,like boot from cd-rom or hard drive it tells what cpu i have and a lot of others settings.then f1 i follow that i get blue screen saying stop 0 then {0x000000sc,0x00000010b,0x0000003,0x0000000} tried external dvd/cd drive still the same ,cant load windows vista restore disc in or anything. Can someone help me .Thanks
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  1. If you changed boards, you will have to reinstall windows. When the motherboard chipset is changed, windows goes into a loop or gives you bluescreens as it can't locate the new device drivers to boot up. I would format the hardrive and start over, or try pressing the f6 key and see if you can boot up in safe mode, and install the motherboard drivers before proceeding.
  2. I tried to start in safe mode ,but it comes back to blue screen ,with the sames numbers as i wrote in my first post.
  3. Chances are you really need to reinstall Windows, any windows up from windows Me isnt very portable, so new system = new install, i never tryed to do a recovery from the windows CD but it might work as well, but i guess in some situations, like upgrading from 32 to 64 bits the kernel is so diferent that it will not let you recover...
  4. Just reinstal is the only option
  5. I have tried to install windows vista home 32 bit from cd ,but i keep getting blue screen with errors i think they are, see my first post .I get so far as the with the cd ,and the graft at bottom say windows loading files gets to the end and blue screen pops up with error numbers. I am not real good at pcs
  6. Try installing windows with just one stick of ram if you currently have more slots populated. Dell has very few bios settings to adjust, so ram compatability is important. The dell bios might have a "memory mapping" setting you can change, but I'm not sure. Have you added ram recently? Are both sticks the same brand and speed?
  7. I have 3 gig memory 2- 512 dell sticks and 2- 1 gig sticks from some other.I did like you said removed all sticks and i put a dell 512 stick back in.Tried again but same thing .i had all these sticks in my dell for 2 years.I am booting from set up in boot sequence on baord cd-rom drive also.I dont know if i said this in my first post , when i turn my pc on a black screen saying diskette drive 0 seek failure and at the low page press f1 to continue,f2 to enter set up. try booting in safe mode but blue screen pops up with error numbers on it.
  8. Still get diskette drive 0seek failure,and blue screen as i wrote in the threads before.I put i new hard drive in now asking for password .I dont what that means cause hard drive new,psp new ,used Dell mother board and AMD used cpu.I have no other thing to but give up, i guess.Thanks
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