Idle temperature is too high?

Hi all,

I am concerned about the temp of my computer. Running Prime 95 for 10 minutes gives me only 60°C. However it always runs at 44°C-45°C idle. The room temperature is somewhere around 30°C (it is 20°C outside, just guessing room temp). Is this because of my airflow or any other part of my computer is generating too much heat? What can I do to improve my idle temp, because I see other people posting that their idle temp is around 30°C?


Cooler Master Haf X 942
Intel Core i7-920
Corsair H80 (setting up intake or exhaust doesn't help)
G1.Assassin Motherboard
Kingston HyperX 12gb 1600hz memory
MSI Radeon HD 5770 Hawk
Thermaltake Black Widow 850W
Samsung 830 SSD 128GB

Fan Setup:
Front 230mm intake
Side 200mm intake
Rear 120mm push/pull intake (to keep radiator cool)
2 Top 200mm Cooler Master Megaflow exhaust
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  1. I have not overclocked yet. My RAM is running on XMP Profile in the BIOS to reach the 1600hz frequency with 9-9-9-27 timing.

    Is is because the air in my case is too warm? What can generate heat in my case (GPU is running at 37°C)
  2. I don't have any experience with your CPU since I've got an i5 2500K. Not overclocked my idle temp was around 30C using HWMonitor. Now that I've overclocked to 4.5 GHz my idle is around 40C. I'm also using an after market CPU cooler, the hyper 212 evo.

    Your case looks like it's getting enough air with all those fans. I wouldn't worry about the idle temps because your CPU only hits 60C on prime 95.
  3. Yeah I know that temp is nothing to worry about but it is kinda frustrating that it gets so high. Any suggestions how to improve idle temp or what could generate so much heat in my case?
  4. Load seems fine, idle seems a bit high. What are you using to monitor temps?

    Easy way to determine if it's case airflow:

    Pull the side panel, blow a house or desk fan on high into the case, run benchmarks. If your temps remain the same at both idle and load, you either have an issue with temp monitoring, sensor, or cooler quirk. If your temps drop at either idle or load, you have a case airflow issue.
  5. I am using speedfan and core temp to monitor the temps. The air that is coming out of my case is really hot. What can generate so much heat in my case?
  6. Just about everything if you have poor airflow. Case exhaust air shouldn't be much more than lukewarm...if it's hot, you likely have an airflow problem.

    PSU exhaust is likely warmer when you have a loaded system; I'm referring to your case exhaust fans.
  7. **it is 20°C outside, just guessing room temp**
    don't guess, get a thermometer or even a usb temp sensor for your ambient measurement, you may find room temp is more than you think,
    but don't worry, we can crack this one way or another :)
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