20in Sceptre naga monitor randomly turning off

have had this monitor for about 4 yrs. It just randomly shut off on me and then turned back on over and over every couple mins

i turned the computer off and it kept doing it. So i put a new monitor on and its been going fine for about an hr. Now it shuts off and i have to hit the power button to get it to turn back on. Its not going into sleep mode cause the blue "Sceptre" name doesnt go red it just goes black

any ideas out there (from trial and error i believe its not my computer since a dif monitor is working great on it thats why i didnt give specs)

Sceptre blue = on

Sceptre red= sleep

Sceptre black= off
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  1. You may have a backlight going out, which is replacable, if you can figure out how to remove the back. My old LCD only lasted 2 years; the back must have been glued on, so I donated it to goodwill and bought a new one. I had a sceptre tv and it ran pretty well; I sold it and bought a larger screen. Also be sure to check your power management settings in the control panel and the motherboard bios. Set them both back to the default settings and see if that helps.
  2. I Put my monitor on a different computer and it did the same stuff.. pretty much narrowed it down to the monitor

    oh well ty for the help .. i might just end up buying a new one its about time anyway
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