Trying to overclock fx 8120

Hi all I just built my first rig and am currently trying to overclock my fx 8120. Heres what ive got
fx 8120
coolermaster hyper n520
asrock 990fx extreme 3
corsair vengeance 1866
seagate barracuda hdd ssd gets here tmrw
visiontek hd 7850
pc power and cooling silencer 750w
The highest ive been able to go is 3.8 GHz at 1.4v anything above that and prime wont even run... Let me know what extra info you guys need to maybe help me out! Ive got hw monitor and cpu-z
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  1. The best way I have found to OC my FX-8120 is to just raise the multiplier. I have mine running at 4ghz with a x20 multiplier. That is at default voltage. How are overclocking your FX? You should be able to hit 4ghz with just the multiplier overclock. I am running mine on a XSPC 750 RS240 water cooler and have idle temps of 29c and full load at 35c max everything stable.
  2. Don't forget to disable APM, it throttles the cores when you go over its designed normal thermal output. That's not a very good things since its counter productive to overclocking. Also use cpuz as your monitor for voltages since your bios voltages will drop if you don't set load line calibration.
  3. Stock voltage should easily take you to 4ghz since that is it's core boost speed. Did you turn off all power saving features and disable core boost in the bios?
  4. I'm at 4.0 right now and have hit 4.6 easy with just my evo cooling it!
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