DDR3 - is it worth it?

Hi, could somebody advise me whether or not DDR3 1333 is worth paying £70 more for over DDR2 800. I'm pairing 4GB RAM with a Phenom X4 965 for image and video editing. Will the DDR3 make any real difference? Everything I've read so far seems to say not, but a lot of the articles were writtena while back when DDR3 was significantly pricier. Thanks!
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  1. It's not worth it, unless you get a decent price for your old board and ram. Try selling them on craigslist first, and see if you get any decent offers, then look at the total cost for the upgrade.
  2. Thanks - I guess that kind of answers my question but from your response I don't think my question was particularly clear. I'm building from the ground up with this processor and RAM spec and simply don't know whether to opt for DDR2 or DDR3.
  3. Pretty much the same performance but get the DDR3, it's newer technology and about the same price.
  4. If you can't afford ddr3, keep saving. No point in using old tech for a new build.
  5. And it really doesn't matter if it is worth it. DDR3 is where everything is going anyway. :)
  6. It's peace of mind to pay just a little more to really *know* you're not losing any speed. Especially when you're going to use it!

    And I did see some charts a couple months ago showing a slight increase in performance as the mhz and timings got better.
  7. I don't how different prices might be in the UK, so IANAE, but
    Unless you have found really cheap DDR2 or are looking at really expensive DDR3, you should be able to find 1333 DDR3 at a much lower premium than 70 quid, and the premium you will have to pay should be worth it...though if 70 pounds more is the best you can get, I would personally just say screw it and go with the DDR2.
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