Please suggest PSU for this configuration

Hi this configuration was suggested to me. Can I cut corners on the power supply? ie can I buy more cheaper brand but in 550 watts range?

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  1. That's about as cheap a decent power supply as you're going to find. Ever get random crashes, lockups or parts just dying? Get a decent psu.
  2. It's not the power supply I don't like, so much as an HD 4670 for your graphics card.

    Don't get a 4670 for a new machine. It is not a very good gaming card -- only useful if you have a really small (300W) power supply or an old machine limited to AGP cards.

    If this is a machine you want to keep for a while, you should get an HD 4870 (if you want to keep it 1-2 years) or an HD 5770 (if you want to keep it longer). That power supply should be adequate for either of those cards.
  3. Haha i know my work when i see it and IIRC that was for a recommendation to convert a dated rig to something able to game modern game for like under $350..or was it that the TS had a 1024 x 768 display So ya for up to 1280 x 1028 its good to go else u want more teeth time to hit at least a GTS 250/HD 4850 but i guess even that config is already hard on your wallet hehe Magicpants is correct: compromise on a lesser PSU for less peace of mind...not worth it IMO
  4. At only $45 after rebate for the PSU listed above, that is cheap, and especially for one that listed for $85 or almost twice as much. A decent quality PSU on sale for a very low price translates into a great value.

    That being said - if you are sure you will never want a strong graphics card requiring more than a 400w PSU, then you can save $10 and get this excellent PSU:

    CORSAIR CMPSU-400CX 400W ATX12V V2.2 80 PLUS Certified Compatible with Core i7 Power Supply - Retail - $35 AR with free shipping
    Voted Best Power Supply Manufacturer by Custom PC 2008(limit 5 per customer)
  5. Get the 400W Corsair posted above or if you want a little more power go for this 550W Corsair...
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