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I plan on purchasing an Nvidia GeForce 285 this Christmas, and I was simply curious as to which company I should buy it from. I've noticed there is XFX, eVGA, and others. Which of these is best, does it even matter? (And if you aren't in a hurry, why do these companies even sell the cards, why not just Nvidia themselves?) Thanks
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    Well for nVidia i trust EVGA. It doesn't matter in the end for reference cards. All it matters in the warranty. Go for the one who has a better warranty and after sales support.

    Here in my country XFX is the most ill-reputed brand selling nVidia cards.

    But with the budget of GTX285 i would say going for HD5850 is better.
  2. Thanks! I will probably go with eVGA then. As for the HD5850, I have not looked much into ATi cards but my computer is used mainly for high-end gaming and graphics editing (e.g. photoshop), and Nvidia seems to have extensive support for both. I will check it out though, thank you.
  3. Well, whatever it is, the horsepower offered by HD5850 is a little bit more than GTX285. Plus Surfs Up dude, DX11 wave is here! :D

    Whatever your needs photoshop and all will be satisfied with ATI as well.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately Nvidia is really trailing ATI right now in the graphics department as ATi already has it new gen cards out with DX11 support and Nvidia has yet to put something out. Fermi is supposed to come in February, but honestly I wouldn't hold them to that date or being able to outperform ATI's cards. Nvidia doesn't have a single DX11 solution yet.

    Right now the thing to get is an ATI 5xxx series card. It's not that the Green team is losing, it's that the Green team isn't even PLAYING the DX11 game yet.
  5. The competition would really be fun when nVidia gets their DX11 cards in the market!
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