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Will this psu fit in my case?

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February 17, 2010 11:28:36 PM

i'm not sure what to do to make sure this psu fits in this case:

reason i ask is because some reviews say that the psu is a little bigger than normal. also, this is my mobo:

would i just be better off with this?

(i'll be running a 5850)

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a c 248 ) Power supply
February 18, 2010 12:00:33 AM

The power supply will fit in the case.

Both power supplies are very good.

Corsair is better though.
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a c 248 ) Power supply
February 18, 2010 1:31:18 AM

Corsair and Seasonic are the two brands I usually recommended. Both brands offer high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are very stable, reliable, and come with a 5 year warranty. Some of the brand new psu's come with a 7 year warranty.

I also recommend the Antec Earthwatts series for users on a tight budget. The Earthwatts series is more than adequate and should be able to deliver the necessary power. Antec offers many different model series. The Earthwatts series was a major improvement over the much older Basiq series. The qaulity of the different series varies.

I cannot recommend any OCZ 700 watt power supply. Two weeks ago I read every competent technical review about OCZ psu's I could find. I found that OCZ quality is very inconsistent. They may have a few power supplies that are adequate but for the most part their psu's have issues and shortcomings. All of their 700 watt power supplies were missing components and features that are standard in high quality power supplies. It appears as if OCZ took shortcuts to reduce production costs.

February 18, 2010 1:52:22 AM

Thanks again, JohnnyLucky.

One more question though, about the Corsair 650watt psu (CMPSU-650TX). Is it possible to install with the fan facing up on a bottom-mount psu case with the sticker upside down without causing any problems?
a c 248 ) Power supply
February 18, 2010 2:54:53 AM

Yes. Let me see if I can find the other thread where I explained it.

here it is:

All modern power supplies exhaust air out the rear of the psu case.

I have a Lancool Dragon Lord case for my new system. I have a Coolermaster HAF 932 for my emergency backup system. I've also had other cases with bottom mounted cases. You have two choices with a bottom mounted power supply.

First, if your case has sufficient ventilation, airflow, and cooling, then you could mount the psu fan side down so it draws in cool air from an opening in the bottom of the case and exhausts warm air out the rear of the case. The idea is that by drawing in its own supply of cool air rather than drawing in warm case air the power supply will be easier to cool and will last longer. However, do not place the case on a carpeted floor, especially deep pile carpeting. The carpet fibers will block air flow. A few years ago I made my own pc stand with casters.

Second, you could install the power supply with the psu fan on top. The concept is that the psu would help cool the interior of the case by drawing in warm interior air and exhausting it out the rear of the case. This concept goes back many many years when Intel started making cpu's that ran hot. The cpu's did not have cpu heatsinks or fans. In addition pc cases did not have case fans. In the original atx standards Intel specified that psu's should be placed near the cpu so the psu fan could help cool the cpu. Obviously this standard no longer applies. In modern tower cases we now have mutiple exhaust fans near the cpu.

The choice is yours to make based on your own specific ventilation, airflow, and cooling situation.

The ventilation, airflow, and cooling in my new Dragon Lord case and my older HAF 932 are excellent so I mounted my power supplies with the psu fans on the bottom.
February 18, 2010 3:23:05 AM

zerkai said:

i'm not sure what to do to make sure this psu fits in this case:

reason i ask is because some reviews say that the psu is a little bigger than normal. also, this is my mobo:

would i just be better off with this?

(i'll be running a 5850)

I also Recommend the CORSAIR!
February 18, 2010 4:26:37 AM

Wat abt getting ram from G.Skill or Corsair or Crucial?
a c 105 ) Power supply
February 18, 2010 5:03:37 PM

From looking at the pictures of that case, it looks like it has a bottom grill through which the PSU could draw up its own air in the manner JonnyLucky described. Like he said, don't put your PC on a carpet, or it will settle into the nap, choking off the airflow (I've got my CM RC-690 on a board for that reason, even though I've since replaced my original 140mm fan PSU with a SG-650 which has an 80mm fan on the end).
Other than the 430W Basiq (which was mediocre), I haven't read a less-than-good review of any Antec PSU. Some of theirs are made by Seasonic, who also makes some of the Corsairs (as well as their own). More recently, Delta has been making some Antec PSUs, like the Signatures and the new <=500W 80+ bronze Earthwatts. I have yet to see the new Earthwatts reviewed, but the Signatures may still be the "best" PSU you can buy (reviews at,, and others), so I'm optimistic the little guys will be pretty good too.
I also read a lot of OCZ reviews and comments, and came to the same conclusion JL did about inconsistent quality possibly caused by cost-cutting. They're not chokemax, but there's too much better out there to recommend them.
IMHO, Antec Truepower New >= Corsair > Antec Earthwatts, but any of them should work well enough. All are at least 80+ certified. Some of the Corsairs and the Truepower New are 80+ bronze.