Antec 650w new modular power supply true power, question?

hello i have recently purchased a intel i7 core based system and a ex58-ud5 gigabyte motherboard and am really confused about eps and atx the motherboard says it needs # 1 x 24-pin ATX main power connector
# 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V power connector ,on the connectors page for this psu ,, it says it has one 20=4 pin connector but then its says it has an eps 8 pin connector 12v im just wondering if it wil work with my motheboard basically. will the eps connector go into the atx socket and work. sorry about the long thread. please discuss
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  1. It will work fine - both are excellent products that follow the standards.

    Yes, the EPS connector will work.

    I commend you diligence in checking the details this way.

    You might find this article informative - about half way down the page is the discussion on the relevant connectors.
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