What to do with spare parts?

Currently pending 5850 and an additional 4gb of ram.

This is what I have/will have spare:

AMD 5000+ BE (pending upgrade to 965 125w)
HIS IceQ Turbo (Oc'd edition) 3870 (pending upgrade to 5850)
Akasa Revo cpu cooler (changed for a better hsf)
DVD RW (Always was spare)

There's only the gfx worth considering selling, so there's no real point in selling it...

What are your recommendations with these parts?
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  1. If there is need for another rig:

    i would pair that 5k BE with an AM2+ 785G on SB 710 like this one (HDMI/SPDIF out/etc)
    and set up either a Hall common rig/HTPC or that nice little Linux experimental box u were always curious about hehe
  2. So, that the cheapest board I can use?
  3. Thanks
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