Computer is really loud, and sound like it's gonna blow. I think it's the fans.

My ACER ASPIRE 3610 laptop is 3+ years old and it has ran perfectly fine till now. There is a loud whirrrriiing sound that is annoying the hell out of me. It gets really loud and when I have music playing, the sound will also come through my headphones. Can anyone tell me what is going on, or what I should do?
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  1. Yes, I had the same problem

    Turn off comp and unplug it and open the back up and remove the cooling fan.
    Take a vaccum to it and suck out all the dust, or blow it out.
    Careful not to get the dirt you are removing back into the comp.

    Reassemble and turn it back on. Should do the trick.
    At least it worked for me.
  2. even after you suck all the dust out the damage is already done, you will need to replace the fan.
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