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Hi everybody, today im asking for opinions on the best 1366 mobo. I will be using this with the HAF X 942 (amazing case), so it has to have usb 3.0, and with usb 3,0, it will likely have sata 6, so U3S6 are pretty much a must. Price isnt a worry, but obviously lower is better. Needs to support 6 ram sticks (99% do) and support atleast 1600 MHz. Company doesnt matter too much, but im a big fan of MSI, as well as EVGA, and ASUS. So far, the ones im thinking of are:

i hear the ASUS rampage III has a heatsink problem, but idk. the MSI is amazing looking, so that is looking to be a good choice, and everybody loves the p6dx58. all opinions are welcome! :)
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  1. In MY opinion, between those 3 boards - the MSI is by far the best of the 3.

    I've been doing lots of research on this, and I'm likely going with the MSI board as well, it's definitely better than the Asus Premium, and priced nicer and a much more solid over the Rampage.

    It also depends if you're going to be overclocking - this is an overclocker's dream board - so it all depends on what your needs with graphics cards are, the MSI board has the ability to run 3 DUAL Socket cards for example, and of course has 6 PCI-E slots, a much better design with military grade parts, runs cooler than the others, and also comes with a nice audio card, to me this is a great board.

    Check out these reviews further:
  2. I'd have to agree...I like the MSI the best of those, and have had good luck with MSI myself.

    If I were looking at an x58 board, I think I would probably look at the P6X58D (and P6X58D-E) board(s) by ASUS, and the Gigabyte UD3R. I like that they are solid performers, and have USB 3 and SATA 6Gbs. There are others that have these few others with those features as well.
  3. good, i wanted the MSI anyway :lol: everything is perfect about that board, all the way down to the color scheme! :D
  4. Good for you. It does look like a nice board. Enjoy the rig.
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