A great way to stress test your system to the max

A great way IMHO to stress your system totally is to use Folding at Home for long stabiltiy tests
nothing stresses a system more than Folding at Home
It will push your CPU and/or GPU to the max
plus has really cool graphics and competitive point system
Folding at home is a distributed computing project that uses our computers down time to fold proteins so scientist can try to find cures for cancer,diabetes,luekemia etc

A great to way to save a life and also stress your system

BTW here is poll about Folding at Home if you want to give your opinion

this a link to our Toms Folding at Home thread if you are interested in joining our team in helping to save lives in the future

our members there would be glad to answer any questions for you
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More about great stress test system
  1. I prefer to use 3dmark and intel burn test. But il have a look into it.
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    Stress test and contribute to cancer research at the same time!
  3. ^+1 that is exactly what I was saying
    F@H stresses the system more than any stress program and it is accommplishing something besides raising your room temp and power bill LOL
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