Where are the 6 Displayport Eyefinity cards??

Is there a release date for the 6 port eyefinity cards?? That to me was the most interesting part of the new 5XXX series cards. Haven't seen anything since they initially showed it at press release.
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  1. That is actually two 5XXX cards in crossfire. :D
  2. cybian said:
    That is actually two 5XXX cards in crossfire. :D

    Nope - Eyefinity isn't supported with CF. There was a card demonstrated that had 6 mini displayport connectors on one card.
  3. how many monitors do you have?
  4. I currently have 4 monitors. 30" Dell 3008wfp, 2 26" Viewsonics. 1 23" Acer.

    I'm really looking to do a new build though just for games with 6 smaller monitors. Right now I have a 4870x2 and a 4870 for the 4 monitors that I crossfire for games. I'm running a Phenom II 940 @3.2 so even just one 5970 would be bottlenecked by the CPU currently. I'm probably going to pick up a Gulftown 6 core when they hit the egg to do the new build with, and keep my current setup for applications and programming.

    My issue is that I haven't seen ANYTHING lately about it. That was the biggest thing they were advertising at press release, and got me excited, but haven't seen any word on a release of these cards (just like the 2 GB 5870s).
  5. http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=869&p=23

    If a Phenom II is bottlenecking your 5970 then an i9 isn't going to help. You'd be a lot better off buying a 2nd 5970 or a 5870 for tri-fire and assume that ATI get the eyefinity drivers fixed.
  6. If I remember correctly back when the 5800 came out toms had an article saying that the 6 port Eyefinity versions where due out in Dec, but that was months ago and I have also not heard any new news about them.
  7. I thought it was due nov, either way shouldn't be too hard to find an article or two pointing to the date.
  8. I have been searching and searching to find out a release date on the 6 display port cards. All I can get out of AMD is that its confirmed that the cards are mini display port and there coming but I need to know WHEN?????

    Anyone? They keep this stuff as apple product releases.
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