Last advice before purchuse!!

Guys this is what parts I decided on, Its a budget built and im trying to stay under 300 poounds.

What im asking is for advice or any potential change that would improve the performance but not go over 300 pounds

(Ill be ocing the cpu to 3.2ghz at least)
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  1. You really want to stay away from the old athlons if possible.
    Get the newer Phenom II's if you can fit it into your budget.

    AMD Phenom II X2 545 3GHz
  2. cory1234 said:
    You really want to stay away from the old athlons if possible.
    Get the newer Phenom II's if you can fit it into your budget.

    AMD Phenom II X2 545 3GHz

    Wats wrong with athlons, I can always upgrade to phenom in the future
  3. Nothing, the Phenoms are better clock for clock. It would be like getting an intel core duo instead of a i7. (although 2 to 4 core differences not quite the same)

    The athlon is fine if your on a budget.
  4. I think get the athlon since is 20 pound cheaper, as you can see from the rest of the compnents this isnt a hard core gaming machine
  5. The new Athlon IIs are good CPUs, depending on your budget.
  6. Might want to refer to the stickied "How to ask for new build advice". It helps us know what's needed and what to build for...

    I agree on the Phenoms. If you're planning on having to upgrade later, why not spend a little extra now instead of a lot more later?

    dndhatcher is correct though. The Athlons are good, but only if you're on a small budget. Anything above $600-700 (or ~400 pounds) should be looking at the Phenoms...
  7. well to be exact my budget was 200-300 pounds im alredy at 306 (including shipping)

    I think the athlon will do ok in games for 2-3years, Im probobly going to just have to upgrade m gpu
  8. Sincerely, if you don't plan to invest in, at least, a single 4890, your build will not be able to render today games.

    A 4670 is a HTPC card that I don't recommend at all for gaming purpose.

    You don't need a Phenom II for a good built, but you should sincerely think about it. If not, go with an Athlon II X4 620, a nice chip.

    If your goal is having a simple PC for browsing the internet and watching movies (or shows), I would suggest you to invest in a cheap motherboard using an IGP (Integrated Graphic Processor). That way, no need to buy a video card.
  9. For the most part, I agree with redgarl.

    If your watching movies/shows on the computer in HD, you should still get a discrete GPU.
  10. A 4670 will perform OK at 1280x1024 and below. It wont be fast enough for a modern widescreen LCD at 1680x1050 or larger. The monitor resolution dictates what GPU you need for good performance.
  11. the reason i choose the 4670 is that ill be playing on 1280x1024 res and you guys think that it will handle empire total war at medium settings?
  12. bump
  13. Unfortunately K1ash3r, almost everyone here has upgraded beyond that resolution and GPU so no one will likely really know. My guess is it will be fine at medium at that resolution.
  14. Agree. That said, you should focus on the newer 5xxx series. The 5770 is essentially the same card, but quieter, cooler and supports DirectX 11.
  15. Ok thanks guys unfortunatelu the 5770 is way above my budget and its not an option, plus this pc wont be used for hardcore gaming
  16. Fair enough. Just something to keep in mind for later upgrades.
  17. k im assuming the rest is ready to go?
  18. bumb
  19. You should be good.
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