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I have an old Samsung PBJ 64GB SSD. I'm planning on buying a new OCZ agility 3, but I have some questions.

I'm thinking of limiting my budget to around £100.. I think thats about $250.

What I want to do is find a solution to raid 0 them. I intend to run Win7 on them and have some games with a 1TB hard drive as data storage (Samsung spinpoint 3). When I get bored of a game I switch the games from the 1Tb to the ~120Gb raid. I usually only game but transfer speeds between the two drives would be nice to be as fast as possible.

So I have 2 options that I can see

Raid 0 the Samsung with the 64 ocz agility 3
Sell the samsung and get 2 64gb SSD's around the £60 mark (OCZ Vertex plus perhaps)

Obviously things like controller longevity are important to the whole mix.


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  1. its impossible to RAID anything that is the exact same drive. so you have to get the 2 64gb SSD's the RADI controller on your MB should be fine tho
  2. sorry, that information is wrong. You can raid whatever you want. The whole idea of RAID started around a bunch of random disks not being used and combining them to make something useful.

    However, if you raid varying size/speed drives you won't be magically adding them together. Doing a RAID 0 with a 64GB and a 32GB drive will lead to a 64GB raid using only half of the 64GB drive and all of the 32GB drive.

    This is what I'd do: Sell the old SSD and buy a 128GB SSD that is faster. Forget the whole raid thing since it is a pain to deal with, and increases the chance of drive failure (raid 0 drive is twice as likely to fail as a standalone drive). Also, the raid would be limited in speed by your older Samsung.
  3. Well solid states are a lot more reliable than Disk drives, I've already raided 2x250gb hard disks and thats been fine and not any hassle. The thing I'm more concerned with is would the speed be noticable between a say a 128 agility/vertex 3 vs a raided vertex plus. Also how much more reliable are the agility/vertex 3's vs the vertex plus?

    I'm not too fussed if one dies and the raid dies. It's only games, and I can always ghost or something similar.
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