3Dmark scores?;jsessionid=aqx90ppnbo5c120m6qw2aax5z
So whats the thing with these?
seems my set up is performing superbly for what it is, but how valid are these kind of benchmarks?
I call it a win if I can play WoW whilst running Mwbytes and Mse simultaneously so I really don't know how 'good' or not the scores actually are,
whats a better indicator than 3DMark?
just a random wonder after I found the links whilst tidying my bookmarks up,
My world won't end if you tell me its gack, and I won't be made up if you say its awesome, I just like to know things :)
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  1. Looks like 3dmark can't recognize your overclocked 6950's? They say 250mhz....
  2. They ain't clocked :P
    CCC doesn't like overclocking them and I just tried Gputweak, d/l'd ok, but click to start the program and it fails, I guess the 250MHz is throttled idle on them?
    *Edit, not that clocking would have much benefit on a single 1680x1050 anyhow :P
    fancy triple 20" set up but no room for em hehe YET
  3. Why the shocked face?
  4. Best answer
    amuffin said:

    i3-2120 - nyaa nyaa!
  5. I may rerun mine overclocked, seems a few at 4.2GHz have higher scores than mine, ca't have that hehe
  6. My small OC attempt. I have not tried pushing any further yet. I may try again once my water cooling loop is finished.
  7. @silverthorn Wow 2 7970s, that's freaking awesome!

    Nice Scores Man! :)
  8. amuffin said:

    My ice cooling solution allows 5ghz 100% stable.

    Without serious cooling overclocking the SBKs that's just not attainable for everyone.

    You may get a 5.0ghz CPU-Z validation, which you could be teetering on the point of crashing and still get that, but not continue on to stability without some serious below ambient cooling.
  9. I'm getting narked at to pick a B.a., and I don't feel my question has adequately been addressed so.....
    Eeeny meeny minie mo,
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