Dual socket motherboard with 1 server CPU and 1 desktop CPU?

Okay here's the setup: I have an i7 930 (1 QPI link) and a Xeon W3520 (2 QPI links).

If I only populated the memory slots for the W3520, would I be able to use the i7 930 in the other CPU socket?
Theoretically, this could work.

The W3520 would be communicating with the 930 and the RAM, and the 930 would only be communicating with the W3520.

So, can this work? What motherboard should I check out, if this works?
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    It won't work because both the i7-930 and the W3520 are not designed to be used in a dual socket motherboard. 5500-series Xeon processors are required with a dual socket motherboard.
  2. Ugh. Alright thanks for the quick reply. =(

    Edit: Oh, you're right. The W3520 has only 1 QPI link. Damn...
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