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Monitor help (very strange blurriness problem)..

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
November 28, 2002 6:40:13 PM

For some reason, in Windows, the center of the screen and the left side is blurry. I've tried cleaning the Monitor, checked the connections, fiddled with the Monitor options, checked around the Monitor Settings within Windows [refresh rate, etc], and I can't seem to fix it. I've also tried updating both my graphics and Monitor drivers.

I can play games fine, they are crystal clear; but on the Windows Desktop, there is blurriness in some areas, which makes it painful on the eyes. Any idea as to what caused this? And any idea on how to fix it?

It was fine at lunch (yesterday). I came home, and found that it's blurry.
January 23, 2003 2:42:25 PM

if u gave info on what monitor it is and stuff like that then we could help.
January 29, 2003 2:34:43 AM

ok go to the monitor options(on the actual monitor) and try the button/option


this may fix the problem as you may have had a power surge and the magnetic plates in the monitor may be effected funny.

that is all i can think of